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Why Programme Management?

We strongly believe that businesses which organise their projects as programmes and employ a structured programme management methodology are best placed to succeed.

We work with you to prioritise and select the projects and programmes that best fit your business needs by ensuring focus on value and strategic alignment.

As your delivery partner on business and IT change programmes of every size, we help shape your change agenda and drive results. Working alongside your team, across your organisation, we supply programme and project managers, support functions and trusted advisors to support programme governance.

Our programme management consultants are highly qualified MSP certified practitioners with many years' experience achieving real results under the most challenging of environments.


Programme Management delivers successful outcomes to make digital visions a reality.

Programme Management

Programmes and the management of them are complex due to their very nature of significant, and sometimes transformational, change. To deliver programmes successfully requires an advanced level of expertise, knowledge and understanding, due to the vast array of ‘moving parts’, stakeholders and significant budgets involved.

Drawing on decades of experience, Maxica can provide this key competency to ensure that programmes are strongly aligned to business strategy via robust business cases. Then they are mobilised with solid planning, blueprinting and are mission focused aligned whilst being governed by robust frameworks which protect and assure the programme investment.

Professional frameworks like “Managing Successful Programmes” can provide the necessary principals and governance themes, however how these are made a reality in your business environment is a key foundation block of success. Our ProgMaaS offering provides a complementary service that looks at providing the Programme Manager competency as well as the Programme PMO competency who is instrumental in the framework establishment and execution.


A business case including a benefit plan showing the programme cost and yield, aligned to the corporate objectives and goals, is essential. This is the foundation block and stakeholder subscription to sponsoring the programme and providing the resources and finance to enable the programme to move to mobilisation.


Planning is a major phase in a programme mobilisation to provide the vision, leadership, organisation and design blueprint to enable the business case to be realised. However mobilisation is about giving the programme an identity, making it relevant and getting to resonate with the stakeholders and users of the programmes outcomes.


Governance requires a specific framework designed to manage the planning and controls, quality, risks, technical design and benefits. However processes need to augmented with a high energy, euthanistic, driven Programme Manager to ensure this best practice is followed and that all stakeholders are engaged at the correct level and time throughout the programme lifecycle.

Programme Consultancy

Programme Consultancy is designed to support organisations in their establishment or maturity in programme management. Regardless of your level of Programme Management we have tools, technics and coaching that can improve the success of your programme outcomes with your teams.

Our consultancy approach is to look at what works, what doesn't, what is missing, as well as what is available and make meaningful, best practice improvements that are realistic for your environment. This is undertaken in a collaborative way to provide an easy roadmap of change which we will then help you achieve.

Maxica has a number of SMEs with extensive experience in Digital Transformation, Operating Model Design, Business Transformation, Integration and Agile Adoption who can enhance your programme and improve or accelerate successful delivery.


Governance Frameworks need to be relevant, functional and practical to drive informed decision making. Often these become ‘bloated’ and or bureaucratic and frustrate rapid progression, positivity and value. Realigning and redesigning these can re-energise decision making at pace whilst staying aligned to your risk appetite.


Turning your concepts and strategy into achievable long terms plans is a fundamental element of ensuring your programmes have clear direction and outcomes. This is invaluable at guiding your programme to success and gaining stakeholder, team and users buy in.

Maturity Assessments

Maturity assessments provide a robust way of measuring your capabilities and competencies against define frameworks which can provide peer based assessments and inform roadmaps for improvements.

Programme Assurance

Our consultants have conducted delivery assurance reviews on more than 500 projects and programmes, with budgets of up to £20M. We have developed a robust and objective delivery assurance model designed to get to the heart of what is going on with your projects and programmes, irrespective of the delivery methodology or framework in use.

Not only do we help you identify areas of improvement for your projects, but we also work with you to develop sensible, practical steps to address the issues. We do not shy away from making tough recommendations where necessary, including advising when it may be best to cancel a project altogether. Ultimately, our work is designed to give you the maximum confidence that your projects and programmes will deliver their stated requirements, on time, and within budget.

Intervention in Programmes "at risk"

Programmes can run into difficulties and fail to continue to deliver at pace. Finding, fixing or even cancelling a programme can be essential to avoid value leakage, unnecessary expenditure and resource consumption and loss of time.

Operational Readiness

Programmes provide change evolutions which requires the business processes to be changed, optimised and systemised along with strong communications, training and awareness of business and support teams for the change to be embedded and adopted.

Service Transition to Support

Hypercare and transitioning an updated or new service into support should be embedded into the programme planning and delivery phases. This then provides the optimum take on position come go live to ensure every change lands successfully.

Building Positive Relationships

The ability of Maxica to respond at pace to the requirements to build a compelling business case was remarkable. The team established a strong understanding of the key outcomes and objectives and were able to develop a substantial and convincing business case within an extremely short and challenging time-frame.

Jenny Baxter


Our engagement with Maxica is actively and positively transforming our culture. Maxica’s flexible PMaaS allowed us to deliver this crucial business change in record time. We really could not have achieved this without you.

Marc Gorham

VP IT, Norgine

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