Project Management as a Service (PMaaS)

Our service provides high calibre project professionals, culturally aligned to your business, that flex up or down to meet your needs

Project Management as a Service (PMaaS)

PMaaS puts strategy execution at the centre of business and IT change. It is the fabric of the ‘who’ and ‘how’ to rapidly improve current and future state project delivery capabilities.

It is the modern resourcing model for Project Management that you simply cannot be without if you want cost effective, high quality project delivery.

PMaaS is a flexible Project Management service that is delivered remotely. It gives you the ability to flex your resourcing with your project demand without employing more staff. Turn it up, turn it down, shape it to meet your needs.

PMaaS is perfect for any organisation that runs projects. Multi-nationals can benefit from reduced TCO and added strategic value, whereas smaller organisations can tap into capabilities that would be beyond their resourcing budget. PMaaS provides your organisation with the capability to continue to deliver its projects without compromising speed or quality.

There are many benefits of adopting PMaaS! Some of the key benefits over traditional Project Management resourcing model are:

  • Uses highly skilled permanent staff, who can operate effectively remotely, meaning the work continues whether we are on or off site.
  • Highly competitive pricing making the service very cost effective.
  • Faster, saves you time and removes the hassle of hiring.
  • Delivers a step change in project management maturity in your organisation.
  • Service capabilities delivered through our core values of Trust, Simplicity, Excellence and Accountability.

PMaaS Professional

Our PMaaS provides highly experienced and focused programme and project managers to help you achieve the desired outcomes. The service is flexible. It gives you the ability to flex up your change capacity as your project demand requires without employing more staff. Be it an organisation wide digital transformation or minor application migration we provide the skills your projects need to start-up successfully and deliver at pace.

Operations keeps the lights on, strategy provides a light at the end of the tunnel, but project management is the train engine that moves the organisation forward.

Benefits of our PMaaS Service Models

  • Clear Value Proposition

    "Right fit" flexible skilled resources tailored for your organisation. People & culture alignment for brilliant collaboration.

  • Highly Competitive Rates.

    Flexible resourcing means higher quality trained professionals for a lower cost that fits your delivery and budget needs.

  • Improved Delivery Capability

    Reduced business, compliance and delivery risk whilst increasing the delivery capability of your organisation. We can implement, improve or work within your existing governance model.

  • Scalable

    From one Project Manager to an entire Global Programme team, we can flex to meet any big or small requirement.

  • Partnership Approach

    Aligning the fortunes of your business with ours to maintain alignment and growth against strategic objectives.

Aligning PMaaS with your Business

We have designed a fast, easy and effective way of ensuring our service aligns with your business needs and required outcomes.

This approach lets us understand your unique challenges, gather the necessary knowledge and start delivering quickly, giving you the opportunity to focus on your other important tasks.

Corporate Office


- Alignment workshop
- Objectives defined
- Commercials in place



- Gather onsite knowledge
- Setup service enablers
- Identify right-fit resources 
- Service take-on plan



- Change management and plan syndication
- Take control of projects
- Implement Service Levels and KPI's


Monitor and Transform

- Monthly Service Reviews
- Business intelligence KPI reports
- Manage service capacity

Our Suggested Adoption Model

MAXICA's highly focused Programme and Project Management experts inject direction, pace and change energy into projects to get them moving fast and delivering successful outcomes to your business quickly.

Deliver more, in less time and drive up value by using this adaptive delivery model.

Agile Rapid Start Up

Taking user stories and the existing backlog of requirements, rapid delivery of the first tranche of work can be achieved.

Hybrid Delivery 

This rapid start-up then builds into a hybrid design and delivery model using a blend of flexible working methods, our PMaaS resources and your skilled project resources.

Waterfall Close Out

To achieve a complete business outcome a waterfall approach is adopted to provide a systematic delivery and transition to support to close out the project.


Building Positive Relationships

The ability of Maxica to respond at pace to the requirements to build a compelling business case was remarkable. The team established a strong understanding of the key outcomes and objectives and were able to develop a substantial and convincing business case within an extremely short and challenging time-frame.

Jenny Baxter


Partnering with Maxica and using their PMaaS and dashboard visuals has provided us with the flexibility and capability to deliver fast, reliable results with highly talented resources.

Gareth Crowder

PMO Director, Norgine

We are now leveraging our partnership with Maxica Consulting to enable emerging digital technologies. Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) has accelerated our ability to execute new platform initiatives.

Simon Launder

Deputy CDIO, Coventry University

Maxica Consulting's Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) continues to deliver outstanding results. We certainly could not have delivered the CyberLabs project in such record time without Maxica's partnership.

Chris Allison

Director of Product & Portfolio Delivery, Coventry University

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