MAXICA 365 - A Project Portfolio Management Tool with a difference.

Most PPM tools require you to centralise your data and duplicate effort for Project Managers, PMO's and Resource Owners. We have designed MAXICA 365 to work with, not against you, building your portfolio on the data you have already. If you have project status reports we can visualise your portfolio, if you have RAID logs we can profile your risks and generate dependency maps. Use MAXICA 365 to maximise your data value and control in delivering successful projects faster.

Simplicity By Design

Clean, easy to use and intuitive interface ensures inputting data is simple, quick and effective, dramatically reducing project managers administrative time.

Quality Analysis and Visuals

MAXICA 365 delivers quality insights and information to every level of the orgainisation, providing portfolio metrics, programme, project, risk and issues, resourcing data and more. Trends, spot and concise focused data are readily available;

Intelligence as standard

MAXICA 365 is built upon our unparalleled and proven knowledge of running Portfolio, Programme and projects in large complex environments. Maxica 365 will give you the information you need to succeed.

Since most of the world's data is unstructured, an ability to analyse and act on it presents a big opportunity

MAXICA 365 - Simplicity by Design

MAXICA 365 is built on years of practical experience in delivering successful programmes and projects in large complex organisations. When this is combined with tried and tested business intelligence analytics, it provides you with essential, meaningful business information to make quality informed decisions.

MAXICA 365 makes analysing your data easy for you, by allowing you to interact effortlessly with your data giving you the power to drilldown and become truly informed of what is going well and where to help your team be successful.

Data drives decisions and MAXICA 365 give you this visibility and confidence to drive successful outcomes in your organisation. Afterall, what gets measured, gets done.

Although the tool can be used by everyone, a professional PMO team will accelerate your value gains. Our PMOaaS are a remote team of PMO professionals who deliver a cost effective alternate to having an internal PMO in identifying potential value leakage in your change portfolio.

Existing Data

Most organisations do not have the data needed to drive meaningful intelligence from PPM tools. We have designed MAXICA365 with this in mind. We have carefully crafted MAXICA 365 to require only the data necessary to drive the results you need. We have found that this reduced data requirement lowers the barrier of entry for organisation to capitalise value of MAXICA 365.

Simple Implementation

We have made it simple by using the tools you already have in your organisation. By utilising Microsoft's ecosystem of tools, like Power BI, Power Apps and its Office Suite of solutions, it fits into your operations seamlessly, simply and cost effectively.

Effortless User Adoption

We have developed MAXICA 365 to address common problems that every organisation has. Our extensive experience working in, and for, large complex organisations has given us a unique perspective on how to implement tools and solutions effectively at pace to deliver consistent and lasting value.

MAXICA 365 - Truth in Action

Click on the video below to see how little effort is required to produce meaningful and actionable insights into your project portfolio with MAXICA 365. Different to monolithic PPMs, MAXICA 365 purposefully requires very few data points to generate valuable outcomes, enabling burgeoning PMO and change organisations to rapidly adopt and benefit from MAXICA 365.

MAXICA 365 grows with your organisation

MAXICA 365 is thoughtfully modularised. Our extensive experience helping organisations to establish effective change capabilities has given us vast experience in deploying and embedding tools, systems, processes, and the foundational capabilities to become sustainably successful.

MAXICA 365 draws together this wisdom in the form of a focused and data driven PPM solution. MAXICA 365's modularised approach enables new features and functions to be added in lockstep with your journey of process and capability implementation and improvement.

Simple modular pricing

The modular design approach means you can start small and rapidly grow your change capability and business intelligence to drive positive behaviours, increase productivity and make valuable informed decisions at your pace.

Implement what you need, when you need it, ensuring your PMO, Project Managers and other change professionals have the right tools at every stage.

  • Visualise
  • Visualise
  • Visualise
  • Visualise
  • Visualise

Visualise Module Functionality

Project Portfolio Dashboard

Capture quality Project Status Reports with MAXICA 365's intuitive and simple guided data entry system. Control and evaluate the incoming flow of project requests with the project register, then view the status of all your active in-flight projects in one place. Easily surface projects that require course correction, with interactive visual dashboard.

Data Required - Active Project Status Reports.

Risk and Issues Management

Capture, assess, score, prioritise and manage threats or opportunities for each of your projects. Easily bring into focus high priority threats to project success and manage with confidence.

Data Required - RAID Logs

Dependency Scheduling

Portfolios are complex and there are strategically important projects and enabling projects for those strategic objectives to be realised. Understanding how these fit together and map out an optimal roadmap of strategic change can be done effectively using MAXICA 365.

Data Required -Identification of simple dependency upon or dependent of relationships between projects.

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