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The Requirement

Recognising the necessity for a structured IT service department, the charity initiated a transformation programme to introduce a dedicated IT Service Desk team and to implement a new IT Service Management System. The implementation followed ITIL principles to guide and structure the changes effectively.

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The Challenge

Before implementing a dedicated IT service desk and modern IT Service Management platform, Cats Protection encountered several issues:

  • Ad-Hoc IT Support: Employees and volunteers relied on informal means to get IT support.
  • First Line Service Desk:
  • The first line service desk was non-existent, and instead, incoming calls were directed to a third-party call answering service.
  • Lack of Tracking and Documentation: There was no standardised approach to documentation and tracking reported IT problems
  • Obsolete Service Management System: Although a service management tool did exist, it was poorly designed and implemented and lacked fundamental features.
  • Reporting and Metrics: The value and importance of gathering any data concerning service delivery or customer satisfaction was not understood.
  • Processes and Procedures: There were no established problem or change management processes in place.
  • Impact on Operations: Unresolved IT issues often led to disruptions in daily operations.

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Assessment and Requirements Gathering: The project team collaborated with stakeholders to assess current support needs, challenges, and desired outcomes.

Dedicated First Line IT Service Desk: A dedicated team of ITIL foundation qualified analysts were hired after a careful evaluation of both ticket volumes and ticket types.

Selection of Service Management Solution: The Maxica team led a procurement evaluation / tender process to select a Service Management Solution.

Training and Onboarding: : IT staff and users within the business received comprehensive training on the new service management system.

Continuous Improvement and User Feedback: Regular feedback mechanisms were established to gather user input.

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Results and Outcomes

Enhanced User Experience: Employees and volunteers appreciated the structured approach, leading to faster and more consistent resolutions, thereby improving their overall experience.

Centralised Support System: The introduction of ServiceNow provided a centralised platform for reporting and managing IT issues. This led to streamlined communication and improved issue tracking.

Insights and Reporting: The new system allowed for better insights into recurring issues and trends, enabling proactive problem-solving and informed decision-making for IT management. SLA performance, first-time fix rates, customer satisfaction and major incident reporting were all measured and monitored on a regular basis.

Operational Efficiency: With standardised processes and quicker resolutions, Cats Protection experienced reduced downtime, allowing the organisation to focus more on its core mission of animal welfare.

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The successful implementation of an IT service desk at this national charity has revolutionised the way IT issues are managed within the organisation. By establishing a structured support system, enhancing communication, and prioritising user experience, the organisation is better equipped to fulfil its animal welfare mission.

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