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The Requirement

At this Innovative UK University, there was a critical need to quickly identify and prioritise the infrastructure portfolio to address the technical debt that had accumulated over many years. This was essential to support the long-term strategic requirements of Digital Transformation by ‘fixing the foundations’ and ensuring IT systems were brought up to, and remained at, a supportable level.

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The Challenge

The challenge was to comprehensively assess and manage the existing technical debt while aligning with University’s strategic objectives.
The primary hurdles included:

  • User Requirements: Accumulated technical debt over many years.
  • High Level Design: Insufficient internal resources to manage and implement the required changes.
  • Planning: The necessity to create a structured, realistic roadmap that aligns with the available budget and resources.
  • Resources: Ensuring buy-in and cooperation from all levels of the IT department to foster a collaborative environment.
  • Userability: Balancing the immediate need to address technical debt with ongoing operational demands to minimise disruption to current services.

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Maxica, leveraging its long-standing partnership with University’s, deployed a highly skilled Project Manager and Infrastructure expert to address the requirement.
The implementation process included:

    Stakeholder Engagement: Conducted interviews and workshops with Directors and Team Leaders across IT to capture the existing technical knowledge base.

    Inclusive Approach: Encouraged input from all IT team members to gather comprehensive insights into the technical debt issues.

    Analysis and Compilation: Workshopped the feedback into commonly related components and developed Project Charters for various infrastructure areas such as Networks, Server Automation, Backup, and Data Centre improvements.

    Resource and Budget Alignment: Played back the charters to the Director and Team Leaders, aligning them with the necessary resources and budget.

    Service Wrapper Approach: Adopted this approach due to insufficient internal resources, ensuring effective delivery of the required changes

    Roadmap Development: Compiled the information into a meaningful, dependency-driven, resource, and budget roadmap to remove technical debt and provide a robust platform for the Digital Transformation Programme.

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Results and Outcomes

The fast-paced and focused efforts resulted in significant achievements:

  • 198 items of technical debt captured

  • 21 Project Charters created

  • 11.29 Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) savings identified due to technical debt resolution

  • 2 to 3 year delivery roadmap focused on removing technical debt

  • Review cycle established to ensure future technical debt is managed

    This robust and informed approach provided a clear strategic direction for the next 2 to 3 years and included a process to capture and manage future technical debt.



The collaborative and thorough approach undertaken by Maxica successfully identified and addressed University’s technical debt. By creating a detailed and realistic roadmap, this Innovative UK University now has a solid foundation to support its Digital Transformation Programme. The established processes and frameworks will ensure the institution can manage future technical debt effectively, allowing IT systems to remain at a supportable level and continue enabling strategic initiatives.

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