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The Requirement

Maxica was commissioned to transform the Global Procurement Departments project data from unstructured spreadsheets into a robust data capture and reporting portal. This required significantly improving the data quality by addressing data conflicts and collaboration difficulties whilst enhancing the analytical and reporting capabilities utilising their existing technology stack.

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The Challenge

Global Procurement required a solution to provide better governance control and dynamic visual analysis on the 2000+ projects within their portfolio value of £188 million. The full brief was to :

  • Visualise the value of the work delivered by Global Procurement.
  • Transform 2-dimensional data into an interactive narrative for stakeholders.
  • Provide an improved UI and UX experience to encourage use and engagement.
  • Provide a focal point from which to surface projects requiring support.
  • Improve and then maintain the current and future quality of data.
  • Reduce the time-consuming manual report preparation.
  • Utilise the data already collated.

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Our Approach

To address these challenges, we implemented a comprehensive solution centred around leveraging SharePoint integration and custom-built BI dashboards. This involved a multi-step process aimed at streamlining data management, enhancing data accuracy, and improving reporting efficiency.

Our transformation significantly improved data validation, quality, and accuracy. The enhanced data is now seamlessly integrated into a custom-built BI dashboard, providing clear and actionable insights into project status and value for the central procurement team's stakeholders.

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Migration to SharePoint: We cleansed and migrated data from the unstructured spreadsheets to a customised structured SharePoint site. This transition facilitated better organisation and accessibility of data.

Data Validation Mechanisms: We implemented robust data validation mechanisms within SharePoint to ensure consistent and accurate data entry. This included setting up validation rules and automated checks to prevent errors at the source and the use of custom forms for an improved UX.

Integration with BI Dashboards: We developed custom BI dashboards that seamlessly integrated with SharePoint, allowing for near real-time data visualisation and analysis. These dashboards provided stakeholders with actionable insights.

Security by design: We implemented security models within SharePoint and Power BI to safeguard sensitive procurement project data. This ensured that only authorised personnel could access and administer the system, maintaining data confidentiality and integrity.

User Training and Support: We provided comprehensive training and ongoing support to users to ensure they could effectively navigate and utilise the new SharePoint site and BI dashboards.

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Summary KPI's

Projects Visualised: Over 2,000 projects.

Portfolio Value: Approximately £188 million.

Data Accuracy: Improved through enhanced data validation mechanisms.

Reporting Efficiency: Eliminated time spent on data entry and report generation by 100%.

Stakeholder Engagement: Increased with accessible and comprehensible data visualisation.

Project Tracking: Achieved 100% visibility into project status and progress.

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