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Safe and secure, security by design

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

In the age of digital transformation, where businesses are digital to the core, threat mitigation and protecting from cyber crime is essential, you need to protect your assets, your data and your business.

CISOaaS is a flexible Chief Information Security Officer service that gives you the ability to flex your resourcing with your secuirty needs without employing more staff. Form a strategy, embed best practice and validate IT project architectural designs.

CISOaaS is perfect for any organisation that has IT hosting customer or business data. Organisations can tap into high calibre security capabilities that would otherwise be beyond their resourcing budget and provide a cyber strategy that will protect you from outside and inside threats. Becoming less vulernable means you are becoming a less desireable target.

Everyone is at risk from cyber attacks, from malicious damage to targetted data theft. If your defenses are weak you are naturally more vulerable to attack and you may not even know if you have been breached. The benefits to you and our customers are obvious.

  • Trust between consumers and businesses is paramount and everyone wants to know their data is in a safe pair of hands.
  • Using CISOaaS builds this trust in that a professional security person is reviewing your strategy, your vulnerabilities and policies and building security into your everyday work.
  • Whether this is validating an architectural design, ensuring employees passwords are strong or simply a policy on locking computers when away, these will all start you on the road of a more secure, safe data environment.
  • CISOaaS is cost effective, works at your pace, seeks out 'hot spots' and gives you and your customers peace of mind that you are are taking positive proactive steps to protect them.


The calibre of security professional required to mitigate the myriad of potential cyber threats and ever-growing legislative compliancy requirements can often be beyond the reach of many businesses. Maxica’s CISO as a Service brings affordability and flexibility to this critically strategic role.

Security is a business requirement, which can have a technical expression.

Security Management

Safe and secure should be the cornerstone of every single business which is why we provide a specialist security service. From understanding and establishing best practice, such as patch management and technical debt management and eradication, to strategic planning for the future to support evolving digital platforms.

Security is a critical risk and needs to be built into the fabric of your IT operations to avoid costly downtime and lost of business. It is now effectively a hygiene factor of doing business and requires skilled operational attention to maintain and modernise your systems and platforms.

Security by Design

Placing a security lens on your current and future products and solutions can prevent breaches before they occur. Security by design is about building this into your organisations DNA to ensure you manage and control this risk to your business.

Security Operations

Fixing the foundations with best practice processes can be a powerful first line of defence. Patching, legacy upgrades and standardised policies can all make substantial improvements to your vulnerability score.

Security Compliance

Obtaining Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus, ISO 27001 are all great signals to the market that you are taking security seriously .

Aligning CISOaaS With Your Business

The role of a CISO is extremely broad, working with you to define and understand your expectations is critical to the success of integrating a CISO role within your IT organisation.

We have designed a fast, easy and effective way of ensuring our CISO Service aligns with your business needs and required outcomes.

Cyber City


- Alignment workshop
- Operating scope defined (Strategic / Operational)
- Commercials in place



- Assess Internal compliancy
- Environment maturity assessment
- Define short term, strategic and operational objectives. 
- Governance and Change frameworks defined



- Delivery of short term, strategic and operational objectives
- Training, skills and knowledge transfer
- Event and incident handling
- Implementation of controls via functional and technical   standards and procedures


Monitor and Transform

- Design assurance – embedding security principals into   infrastructure
- Advisory and validation
- Risk management and reporting

Cyber Security Laboratories at Coventry University

“ Maxica Consulting's Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) continues to deliver outstanding results.
We certainly could not have delivered the CyberLabs project in such record time without Maxica's partnership.”

Chris Allison, Director of Product Development & Portfolio Delivery 

CISOaaS Commercials


Commercial Approach

Our commercial model is simple, transparent and highly competitive. We assess your objectives and work with you to understand how our service can best optimise your delivery position.


Risk and Complexity

We will look at the risk and complexity of o delivering your security objectives,from there we can provide an estimate of the number of 'units' and the resource types you will need to yield the optimal outcome.



As CISOaaS is unit based we can invoice you monthly for only the units you have used. If a new objective or initiative requires resourcing, use the units you have to start it without delay!

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