Business Intelligence & Modern Data Visuals

Visualise the data you already have to make intelligent informed decisions on what you need

Business Intelligence and Modern Data Visuals

Business intelligence (BI) are the strategies and technologies used for the data analysis and management of business information. Modern data visuals like Power BI bring this analysis to life and makes it easy to interactive, interrogate and by informed by information in your organisation.

Data drives decisions and we can provide visibility of your existing data, create new repositories and drive cultural change with our analytics. 

What gets measured, gets done.

Rapid Deployment

We have developed modern visuals to address common problems that every organisation has. Our extensive experience working in, and for, large complex organisations has given us a unique perspective on how to deploy and embed change into your organisation technical and cultural landscape.

Simple Implementation

We have made it simple by using the tools you already have in your organisation. By utilise Microsoft's ecosystem of tools, like Power BI, Power Apps and its Office Suite our solutions fit into your operations seamlessly, quickly and simply.

Existing Data

Most of our clients think they do not have the data they need to drive meaningful visuals. We have found that 90% of organisation do have this data but only a small percentage know how to use it. We will tap into these existing repositories and make your data work for you. 
Easy and Simple

Using O365 and Power BI we can make visualising your data easy and simple in your organisation for the people who need it.

Data & Analytics

Distil any large, structured data sets (SharePoint, Jira, Excel) down to the metrics that allow you to make the right decisions.

Modular Design

A suite of versatile and striking dynamic drillable visuals to easily analyse and display your data.


Fast, "out of the box" setup with the option to fully configure your dashboards to meet your unique needs.

Since most of the world's data is unstructured, an ability to analyse and act on it presents a big opportunity

Our Modern Data Visuals

MAXICA’s modern data visual dashboards are a suite of products which can be deployed independently to rapidly derive meaningful business benefits or combined for even greater performance facilitating the next leap in your organisations change capability.

Dashboard Collection

Truth in Action

Click on the video below to see how our dynamic data visuals can help you use your data to easily see the highest value projects with respect to your strategic goals and align projects to these goals, whilst seeing the real time impact on your budgets and team capacities deliver. An incredibly powerful way of making informed positive changes to meet the emerging internal or external market needs.

Modern Data Visuals Benefits


Available independently or as a suite. Add components as your maturity grows.


Works within your M365 ecosystem. No need for additional software installations.


Built on MAXICA's word class project, programme and change management expertise.


Rapid deployment and meaningful insights into your project data.


Uses the data you have to build to the data you need.


Enterprise class functionality without the enterprise price tag and complexity.


Change experts available to embed solutions, optimise supporting processes and ensure cultural alignment.


Can be easily tailored to meet your exact requirements.

Our Approach To Modern Data Visuals

Data is key to understanding your business and different organisations have different levels or data quality and quantity. This is why our Modern Data Visuals are based on the data source required and provide the optimal output from Ad Hoc / Absent data to Multiple Portfolio's.

This modular design approach means you can start small and rapidly grow your business intelligence to drive positive behaviours, increase productivity and make valuable informed decisions. Implement what you need, when you need it, ensuring your PMO, Project Managers and other change professionals are supported at every stage. If you need any support in establishing or embedding new processes, our PMOaaS is on hand to help with this too.

Data Map

Ad Hoc or Absent

Project lite Status Reporting : Minimal data required, fantastic for organisations starting their change maturity journey.

Backlog Management : Control and evaluate the incoming flow of project requests.

Project Portfolio Dashboard : Models and transforms project performance data into inciteful, interactive visuals.


Isolated Projects

Project Status Reporting : Complete Project Status reporting including financials, deliverables, actions and RAID.

RAID logs : RAID data becomes live in Portfolio Dashboard enabling instant recognition of focus areas and drill down into risk / issue specifics.


Multiple Projects

Project Planner : Project Planning without the MS project cost and learning curve, with Gannt visuals, plan and actuals tracking and predecessors.

Strategic Prioritisation : Define and measure the alignment and risk of your project portfolio against your organisations' strategy and ensure you are executing the right projects to move your business towards your goals.


Project Portfolios

Programme Portfolio Dashboards : Instantly understand the status of your portfolio, identify the projects needing support and drill into problem areas easily identifying areas of risk, financial status schedule status.

Work Centre Planning : Capacity and Resource Management tool that transforms how work is allocated, executed and delivered.


Multiple Portfolios

Project Scheduling and Dependency Visualisation : Automatically schedule projects within your programme based upon dependency, understand the impacts to the schedule and see the relationships between projects.

Examples Of Our Modern Data Visuals

Strategic Prioritisation
Strategic Prioritisation and Scenario Planning

A powerful senior manager dashboard that ensures you are doing the right things with your precious resources of time and money. We can help with the data sets, processes and best practice to establish and maintain this so it becomes a 'living' dynamic visual that you can rely on for decision making.

Data Required - Inflight and potential projects (backlog), strategic alignment scoring, project budgets and team capacities & resource allocations ideally in a structured data format (e.g. Excel, SharePoint, Jira).

Capacity and Resource Planning

Understanding what your resources are doing and prioritising their work is a common challenge. This modern data visual with your or our resource planning forum process solves this problem and puts you and your project managers in a strong position to deliver on time, with better quality and manage stakeholders expectations. View from departmental level capacities down to what individuals are doing on a daily basis for both projects and BAU.

Data Required - Project effort estimates and BAU time allocations (desirable). Project Managers should have this detail, if not, we can work with you to help source and set up the datasets.

Work Centre Planning
Dependency Scheduling
Dependency Scheduling

Portfolio's are complex and there are strategically important projects and enabling projects for those strategic objectives to be realised. Understanding how these fit together to map out an optimal roadmap of strategic change can be done effectively using this dependency scheduling dashboard.

Data Required - Backlog of projects dates and a simple dependency upon or dependent of selection in a structured data format (e.g. Excel, SharePoint, Risk Register)

Project Portfolio Dashboard

View the status of all your active in-flight projects in one place with this easy to use interactive dashboard. If your Project Managers are doing Project Status Reports (PSR's) you can implement this dashboard with relative ease.

Data Required - Project Status Reports in a structured data format (e.g. Excel, SharePoint, Jira)

Project Portfolio
Project Details
Dynamic Project Status Reports

Drill through from the Project Portfolio Dashboard to have more detail on the chosen project. Incredibly powerful analysing, delivered easily and quickly to those with permissioned access.

Data Required - Project Status Reports in a structured data format (e.g. Excel, SharePoint, Jira) and a milestone plan.


RAID logs is a modular add-on to the Project Portfolio Dashboard. This provides you with the details of your Risks, Issues, Assumptions and Decisions on a per project, programme or portfolio level. Risk criteria can be tailored to align with your corporate risk 4x4 or 5x5 matrix.

Data Required - RAID logs in a in a structured data format (e.g. Excel, SharePoint, Risk Register)

Portfolio Risk


Please download our Modern Data Visual Dashboards Brochure to learn more about these powerful, flexible and cost-effective tools. Discover how they can transform the way you view, plan and manage portfolios, programmes, projects and resources.

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Maxica Modern Data Visual Dashboards

Building Positive Relationships

Adapting to Work Centre Planning has been challenging but it is breaking down silo working inherent in our culture allowing our organisation to transition from the previous command & control type culture into a collaboration culture with focus on agility.” According to Gartner we have reached Maturity Level 4 – Run Stage in 12 weeks.

Paul Hooper

Assistant Director CIS Operations, UEA

Connecting our work to the University’s strategy and using Work Centre Planning to move the right skills towards the work has seen ITCS focus on protecting our strategic projects to ensure we deliver the greatest possible value to our customers.

Matt Roach

Assistant Director Strategic Planning, Architecture & Policy, UEA

The Portfolio dashboards delivered by Maxica are providing game changing insights for Cats Protection. The speed and quality of Maxica's delivery without disrupting our operations have been impressive.

Kevin Adams

Director of Data and Digital, Cats Protection

Partnering with Maxica and using their PMaaS and dashboard visuals has provided us with the flexibility and capability to deliver fast, reliable results with highly talented resources.

Gareth Crowder

PMO Director, Norgine

What Makes Maxica Different?

MAXICA has built an enviable reputation for delivering exceptional service to our customers, enabling them to define, execute and realise their most complex change initiatives. One of the keys to our success is data, specifically becoming informed with the right data for intelligent, decisive decision making.

Modern Data Visuals Commercials


Commercial Approach

Our commercial model is simple, transparent and highly competitive. We analyse your technical requirements based on a discovery exercise, or simply through discussion, to understand how our service can best optimise your landscape.


Organisation Size & Complexity

The mature of your organisations data will impact the starting point of which visuals you can utilise, however we can map out together a path for improving this position to provide further insights at an appropriate time.



The level of support and configuration will impact the cost of each modern data visual you wish to utilise. However, if you have other services with us we can factor this into the overall funding to make it easier on your budget.

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